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HEBREW: 5161 ymlxn Nechelamiy
NAVE: Nehelamite
EBD: Nehelamite
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In Bible versions:

Nehelamite: NET NIV NASB
family name or place of origin (IBD).

dreamer; vale; brook


Strongs #05161: ymlxn Nechelamiy

Nehelamite = "he of the dream"

1) the designation of a false prophet Shemaiah taken into captivity
to Babylon; name is formed from his native place or his progenitor

5161 Nechelamiy nekh-el-aw-mee'

apparently a patronymic from an unused name (apparently
passive participle of 2492); dreamed; a Nechelamite, or
descendant of Nechlam:-Nehelamite.
see HEBREW for 02492

Nehelamite [EBD]

the name given to a false prophet Shemaiah, who went with the captives to Babylon (Jer. 29:24, 31, 32). The origin of the name is unknown. It is rendered in the marg, "dreamer."

Nehelamite [NAVE]

Jer. 29:24, 31, 32

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