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In Bible versions:

Menuhoth: AVS NRSV TEV
members of the clan of Manahath of Judah


Strongs #02680: ytxnmh yux Chatsiy [email protected]

(half of the) Manassites = see Manasseh "causing to forget"

1) half of the Manassites; also spelled like 02679

2680 Chatsiy ham-Mnachti khat-see' ham-men-akh-tee'

patronymically from 2679; a Chatsi-ham-Menachtite or
descendant of Chatsi-ham-Menuchoth:-half of the Manahethites.
see HEBREW for 02679

Strongs #02679: twxnmh yux Chatsiy [email protected]

(half of the) Manahethites = see Manaheth "resting place"

1) half of the Manassites; also spelled like 02680

2679 Chatsiy ham-Mnuchowth chat-tsee' ham-men-oo-khoth'

from 2677 and the plural of 4496, with the article
interposed; midst of the resting- places;
Chatsi-ham-Menuchoth, an Israelite:-half of the Manahethites.
see HEBREW for 02677
see HEBREW for 04496


MANAHATHITES - man'-a-hath-its (menuchoth (1 Ch 2:52), manachti (1 Ch 2:54); Septuagint: Codex Vaticanus Monaio; Codex Alexandrinus Ammanith (1 Ch 2:52); Codex Vaticanus Malathei; Codex Alexandrinus Manath, (1 Ch 2:54); the King James Version, Manahethites): These men were the inhabitants of Manahath. They were descendants of Caleb, one-half being the progeny of Shobal, and the other of Salma. In 1 Ch 2:52 the Revised Version (British and American) transliterates "Menuhoth," but Manahathites is preferable.


MENUHOTH - men-u'-hoth (menuchoth, "dwellings"; the King James Version manachti Manahethites): The first form is the Revised Version (British and American) transliterated in the name; the second form is the King James Version retained by the Revised Version (British and American) in the passages where the word occurs (1 Ch 2:52; compare 2:54). The people here spoken of by the King James Version as "half of the Manahethites" are mentioned as descendants of Salma (1 Ch 2:54), while those mentioned as Menuhoth are mentioned as descendants of Judah through Shobal, father of Kiriath-jearim. Both words are from the same root. the King James Version keeps the same designation for both passages, while the Revised Version (British and American) has marked the difference in spelling by changing the first passage and following the King James Version in the second. Both sections of the family belong to the Caleb clan, and it would seem that they became the dominant people in the otherwise unknown town of Manahath, so that it came to be regarded as belonging to Judah. It may be connected with the Menuchah (the Revised Version (British and American) "Menuhah") suggested as a place-name in Jdg 20:43 margin. In the Septuagint, between Joshua 15:59 and 60, the names of 11 cities are inserted, among them being a Manocho whose Hebrew equivalent gives the word. It is difficult to identify, and the Vulgate (Jerome's Latin Bible, 390-405 A.D.) cuts the knot by translating "dimidium requietionum"!


Henry Wallace

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