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HEBREW: 3380 tvbry [email protected]
EBD: Jerubbesheth
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In Bible versions:

Jerub-Besheth: NET NIV
Jerubbesheth: AVS NRSV NASB TEV
father of Abimelech

let the idol of confusion defend itself


Strongs #03380: tvbry [email protected]

Jerubbesheth = "shame will contend"

1) a variant name of Jerubbaal (the other name of Gideon [03378])
substituting the word 'shame' for the name of the pagan god 'Baal'

3380 Yrubbesheth yer-oob-beh'-sheth

from 7378 and 1322; shame (i.e. the idol) will contend;
Jerubbesheth, a symbol. name for Gideon: -Jerubbesheth.
see HEBREW for 07378
see HEBREW for 01322

Jerubbesheth [EBD]

contender with the shame; i.e., idol, a surname also of Gideon (2 Sam. 11:21).


(contender with the shame), a name of Gideon. (2 Samuel 11:21)


JERUBBESHETH - jer-ub-be'-sheth, je-rub'-e-sheth (yerubbesheth, see JERUBBAAL, for meaning): It is found once (2 Sam 11:21) for JERUBBAAL.

The word bosheth, "shameful thing," was substituted by later editors of the text for ba`al, "lord," in the text of Jer 3:24; Hos 9:10; in 2 Sam 2:8, etc., we find Ish-bosheth = Eshbaal (Ishbaal) in 1 Ch 8:33; 9:39. The reason for this was reluctant to pronounce the word Ba`al, which had by their time been associated with Canaanitic forms of worship. In 2 Sam 11:21 Septuagint, Lucian, has "Jeroboal," which Septuagint, Codex Vaticanus, has corrupted to "Jeroboam." Compare MERIB-BAAL; MEPHIBOSHETH; and see Ginsburg, New Massoretico-Critical Text of the Hebrew Bible, Intro, 400 ff. For a New Testament case compare Rom 11:4 and see Sanday and Headlam at the place.


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