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HEBREW: 2431 Mlyx Cheylam or Mlx Chel'am
NAVE: Helam
EBD: Helam
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In Bible versions:

a town of Transjordania about 60 miles east of Lake. Galilee (OS)

their army; their trouble
Google Maps: Helam (32° 11´, 35° 42´)


Strongs #02431: Mlyx Cheylam or Mlx Chel'am

Helam = "stronghold"

1) a place east of the Jordan, west of the Euphrates, in Gilead, at
which the Syrians under Hadarezer were defeated by David

2431 Cheylam khay-lawm'

or Cheleam {khay-lawm'}; from 2428; fortress; Chelam, a place
East of Palestine:-Helam.
see HEBREW for 02428

Helam [EBD]

place of abundance, a place on the east of Jordan and west of the Euphrates where David gained a great victory over the Syrian army (2 Sam. 10:16), which was under the command of Shobach. Some would identify it with Alamatta, near Nicephorium.

Helam [NAVE]

HELAM, a place E. of the Jordan, 2 Sam. 10:16, 17.


(stronghold), a place east of the Jordan but west of the Euphrates at which the Syrians were collected by Hadarezer, and where David met and defeated them. (2 Samuel 10:16,17)


HELAM - he'-lam (chelam, 2 Sam 10:16 f; in 16:17 with the he of locale; Septuagint Hailam): A place near which David is said to have defeated the Aramean world under Hadarezer (2 Sam 10:16 ff). Its site is unknown. Cornill and others introduce it into the text of Ezek 47:16 from the Septuagint Heliam). This would place it between the territories of Damascus and Hamath, which is not unreasonable. Some scholars identify it with Aleppo, which seems too far north.

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