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HEBREW: 2776 orx Cherec
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Har Heres

In Bible versions:

Har Heres: NET
Har-Heres: AVS TEV
in Mount Heres: NIV
Har-heres: NRSV
Mount Heres: NASB
a town of Ammorites on the lowland border between Judah and Dan
Google Maps: Mount Heres (31° 45´, 34° 58´)


Strongs #02776: orx Cherec

Heres = "the sun"

1) a mountain inhabited by Amorites in Moab; the place where Gideon
turned back from chasing the Midianites

2776 Cherec kheh'-res

the same as 2775; shining; Cheres, a mountain in
see HEBREW for 02775

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