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HEBREW: 1654 Mvg Geshem or (prolonged) wmvg Gashmuw
NAVE: Gashmu Geshem
EBD: Geshem
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In Bible versions:

Gashmu: NASB
head of the Arab federation of Kedar who opposed Nehemiah (OS)


Strongs #01654: Mvg Geshem or (prolonged) wmvg Gashmuw

Geshem or Gashmu = "rain"

1) an Arabian foe of Nehemiah

1654 Geshem gheh'-shem

or (prolonged) Gashmuw {gash-moo'}; the same as 1653; Geshem
or Gashmu, an Arabian:-Geshem, Gashmu.
see HEBREW for 01653

Geshem [EBD]

or Gashmu, firmness, probably chief of the Arabs south of Palestine, one of the enemies of the Jews after the return from Babylon (Neh. 2:19; 6:1, 2). He united with Sanballat and Tobiah in opposing the rebuilding of the wall of Jerusalem.

Gashmu [NAVE]

GASHMU, called also Geshem. A Samaritan, Neh. 6:1, 6.

Geshem [NAVE]

GESHEM, called also Gashmu, an Arabian. Opposed Nehemiah in building Jerusalem, Neh. 2:19; 6:1-6.


a variation of the name GESHEM. (Nehemiah 6:6) (B.C. 446.)


and Gash?mu (rain), an Arabian, mentioned in (Nehemiah 2:19) and Nehe 6:1,2,6 (B.C. 446.) We may conclude that he was an inhabitant of Arabia Petraea or of the Arabian desert, and probably the chief of a tribe." Gashum said it" made him a type of those who create a common report.


GASHMU - gash'-mu, gash'-moo (gashmu): A form of the name GESHEM (which see), found in Neh 6:6 (compare 6:1), "And Gashmu saith it." According to BDB the same termination -u is found in Nabatean proper names.


GESHEM - ge'-shem (geshem, gashmu; Gesam, "rain storm"): An Arabian, probably chief of an Arabian tribe that had either settled in Southern Palestine during the exile in Babylon, or had been settled in or near Samaria by Sargon (Neh 2:19; 6:1,2,6). He was a confederate of Sanballat and Tobiah, and strenuously opposed the building of the wall under Nehemiah. He with the others mocked at the first efforts to build the wall, and afterward repeatedly sought to entice Nehemiah to the plains of Ono. The name also occurs in the form Gashmu, perhaps an Assyrian form of the same name Geshem.

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