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HEBREW: 658 Mymd opa 'Ephec Dammiym
NAVE: Ephes-dammim
EBD: Ephes-dammim
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Ephes: NET
Ephes-Dammim: AVS TEV
Ephes Dammim: NIV
Ephes-dammim: NRSV NASB
a place in Judah between Soco and Azekah; 10-15 km east of Gath

effusion of blood
Google Maps: Ephes-dammim (31° 41´, 34° 56´)


Strongs #0658: Mymd opa 'Ephec Dammiym

Ephes Dammim = "edge of blood"

1) a place approx 16 miles (25 km) southwest of Jerusalem

658 'Ephec Dammiym eh'-fes dam-meem'

from 657 and the plural of 1818; boundary of blood-drops;
Ephes-Dammim, a place in Palestine:-Ephes- dammim.
see HEBREW for 0657
see HEBREW for 01818

Ephes-dammim [EBD]

boundary of blood, a place in the tribe of Judah where the Philistines encamped when David fought with Goliath (1 Sam. 17:1). It was probably so called as having been the scene of frequent sanguinary conflicts between Israel and the Philistines. It is called Pas-dammim (1 Chr. 11:13). It has been identified with the modern Beit Fased, i.e., "house of bleeding", near Shochoh (q.v.).

Ephes-dammim [NAVE]

EPHES-DAMMIM, a place in Judah, 1 Sam. 17:1.


EPHES-DAMMIM - e-fes-dam'-im ('ephec dammim): Some spot between Socoh and Azekah (1 Sam 17:1) where the Philistines were encamped; called in 1 Ch 11:13, "Pas-dammin." Ephes" end of" or "boundary" and the whole word may mean the "boundary of blood." The deep red color of the newly plowed earth in this situation is noticeable and may have given origin to the idea of "blood" (compare ADUMMIM). Cheyne suggests that from 'adhummin, to dammim, is an easy step, and that the former, meaning "red brown earth," may have been the original. No other satisfactory locality has been found to explain the name or fix the site.

E. W. G. Masterman

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