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GREEK: 1889 Epafrav Epaphras
NAVE: Epaphras
EBD: Epaphras
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In Bible versions:

a man who was a fellow laborer with Paul

covered with foam


Strongs #1889: Epafrav Epaphras

Epaphras = "lovely"

1) a Christian man mentioned in Paul's epistles

1889 Epaphras ep-af-ras'

contracted from 1891; Epaphras, a Christian:-Epaphras.
see GREEK for 1891

Epaphras [EBD]

lovely, spoken of by Paul (Col. 1:7; 4:12) as "his dear fellow-servant," and "a faithful minister of Christ." He was thus evidently with him at Rome when he wrote to the Colossians. He was a distinguished disciple, and probably the founder of the Colossian church. He is also mentioned in the Epistle to Philemon (1:23), where he is called by Paul his "fellow-prisoner."

Epaphras [NAVE]

EPAPHRAS, a co-laborer with Paul, Col. 1:7; 4:12; Philem. 23.


(lovely), a fellow laborer with the apostle Paul, mentioned (Colossians 1:7) as having taught the Colossian church the grace of God in truth, and designated a faithful minister of Christ on their behalf. He was at that time with St. Paul at Rome. (A.D. 57.) For Paul?s estimate of him see (Colossians 1:7,8; 4:12)


EPAPHRAS - ep'-a-fras (Epaphras): A contracted form of Epaphroditus. He must not, however, be confounded with the messenger of the Philippian community. He was with Paul during a part of his 1st Roman imprisonment, joining in Paul's greetings to Philemon (Philem 1:23). Epaphras was the missionary by whose instrumentality the Colossians had been converted to Christianity (Col 1:7), and probably the other churches of the Lycus had been founded by him. In sending his salutation to the Colossians Paul testified, "He hath much labor for you, and for them in Laodicea, and for them in Hierapolis" (Col 4:13). Epaphras had brought to Paul good news of the progress of the gospel, of their "faith in Christ Jesus" and of their love toward all the saints (Col 1:4). Paul's regard for him is shown by his designating him "our beloved fellow-servant," "a faithful minister of Christ" (Col 1:7), and "a bondservant of Christ Jesus" (Col 4:12 margin) . The last designation Paul uses several times of himself, but only once of another besides Epaphras (Phil 1:1).

S. F. Hunter

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