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Judith 10:21; 13:9; 16:19. The canopy of Holofernes is the only one mentioned.


CANOPY - kan'-o-pi (chuppah, from a root meaning "to enclose" or "cover"): Isa 4:5 the King James Version has "defence," the English Revised Version "canopy," the American Standard Revised Version "covering," the last being best, though "canopy" has much in its favor. In Ps 19:5 (Hebrew 19:6) chuppah is used of the bridegroom's chamber and in Joel 2:16 of the bride's. Among the Hebrews the chuppah was originally the chamber in which the bride awaited the groom for the marital union. In Judith 10:21; 13:9,15; 16:19 the word canopy occurs as the English equivalent of the Greek konopeion, which was primarily a mosquito-net and then a canopy over a bed, whether for useful or for decorative purposes.

John Richard Sampey

Also see definition of "Canopy" in Word Study

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