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HEBREW: 1382 ylbg Gibliy
NAVE: Byblos Gebalites
EBD: Gebalites
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In Bible versions:

Byblos: NET
Gebalite: NASB
residents of the town of Gebal

NET Glossary: a city located on the Mediterranean coast of modern Lebanon about 26 mi (42 km) north of Beirut; the Greek name Byblos refers to the Egyptian papyrus (reed paper) imported into Greece through the city (the English word "Bible" is derived from the Greek name of the city)
NETBible Maps: OT1 C3
Google Maps: Byblos (34° 7´, 35° 38´)


Strongs #01382: ylbg Gibliy

Giblites = "a boundary"

1) inhabitants of Gebal

1382 Gibliy ghib-lee'

patrial from 1380; a Gebalite, or inhabitant of
Gebal:-Giblites, stone-squarer.
see HEBREW for 01380

Gebalites [EBD]

(1 Kings 5:18 R.V., in A.V. incorrectly rendered, after the Targum, "stone-squarers," but marg. "Giblites"), the inhabitants of Gebal (2).

Byblos [NAVE]

See: Gebal 1.

Gebalites [NAVE]

See: Gebal.


GEBALITES - ge'-bal-its (ha-gibhlim): Inhabitants of GEBAL (which see). According to the present text of Josh 13:5, "the land of the Gebalites" was given to Israel as part of its future territory. But it was never occupied by the Israelites. Septuagint, however, has a very different reading, indicating an early corruption of the text. Perhaps with many modern scholars it is better to read "to the borders of the Gebalites."

In 1 Ki 5:18 the King James Version translates this word "stone-squarers," the King James Version margin gives "Giblites," and the Revised Version (British and American) "Gebalites," as workmen who, with the men of Solomon and of Hiram, fashioned the stones for the temple. Here also the text is doubtful, and some by a slight change would read: "and made a border for them" (i.e. for the stones). In Ezek 27:9 the men of Gebal are described as the "calkers" of the ships of Tyre and Sidon.

George Rice Hovey

Also see definition of "Byblos" in Word Study

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