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NAVE: Bribery
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Bribery [NAVE]

Ex. 23:8; Deut. 16:18, 19; Deut. 27:25; 1 Sam. 8:1, 3; Job 15:34; Psa. 26:9, 10; Prov. 15:27; Prov. 17:8, 23; Prov. 18:16; Prov. 21:14; Prov. 25:14; Prov. 28:21; Prov. 29:4; Eccl. 7:7; Isa. 1:23; Isa. 5:22, 23; Isa. 33:15, 16; Ezek. 13:19; Ezek. 22:12, 13; Amos 2:6; Amos 5:12; Mic. 7:3
Instances of
Delilah, Judg. 16:5.
Samuel's sons. See above. The false prophet, Shemaiah, Neh. 6:10-13.
Ben-hadad, 1 Kin. 15:19.
Haman bribes Ahasuerus to destroy the Jews, Esth. 3:9.
Chief priests bribe Judas, Matt. 26:15; 27:3-9; Mark 14:11; Luke 22:5.
Soldiers bribed to declare that the disciples stole the body of Jesus, Matt. 28:12-15.
Felix seeks a bribe from Paul, Acts 24:26.


BRIBERY - brib'-er-i (shochadh, "a gift," in a corrupt sense, "a bribe"): The Hebrew law condemns everything that would tend to impair the impartial administration of justice, particularly the giving and receiving of gifts or bribes, in order to pervert judgment (Ex 23:8). Allusions are frequent to the prevailing corruption of oriental judges and rulers. "And fire shall consume the tents of bribery" (Job 15:34; 1 Sam 8:3; Ps 26:10; Isa 1:23; 33:15; Ezek 22:12). Samuel speaks of a "ransom" in the sense of a bribe: "Of whose hand have I taken a ransom (kopher, "covering," the King James Version "bribe") to blind mine eyes therewith?" (1 Sam 12:3; Am 5:12; compare Am 2:6).


L. Kaiser

Also see definition of "Bribery" in Word Study

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