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HEBREW: 1201 hveb Ba`sha'
NAVE: Baasha
EBD: Baasha
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In Bible versions:

the third king of Israel

he that seeks, or lays waste


Strongs #01201: hveb Ba`sha'

Baasha = "wicked"

1) third king of the northern kingdom of Israel and the founder of
its second dynasty having killed the second king, Nadab

1201 Ba`sha' bah-shaw'

from an unused root meaning to stink; offensiveness; Basha, a
king of Israel:-Baasha.

Baasha [EBD]

bravery, the third king of the separate kingdom of Israel, and founder of its second dynasty (1 Kings 15; 16; 2 Chr. 16:1-6). He was the son of Ahijah of the tribe of Issachar. The city of Tirzah he made the capital of his kingdom, and there he was buried, after an eventful reign of twenty-four years (1 Kings 15:33). On account of his idolatries his family was exterminated, according to the word of the prophet Jehu (1 Kings 16:3, 4, 10-13).

Baasha [NAVE]

BAASHA, king of Israel, 1 Kin. 15:16-22, 27-34; 16:1-7; 21:22; 2 Kin. 9:9; 2 Chr. 16:1-6; Jer. 41:9.


(wicked), B.C. 953-931, third sovereign of the separate kingdom of Israel, and the founder of its second dynasty. He was son of Ahijah of the tribe of Issachar and conspired against King Nadab, (1 Kings 15:27) and killed him with his whole family. He appears to have been of humble origin. (1 Kings 16:2) It was probably in the 13th year of his reign that he made war on Asa, and began to fortify Ramah. He was defeated by the unexpected alliance of Asa with Ben-hadad I. of Damascus. Baasha died in the 24th year of his reign, and was buried in Tirzah, (Solomon 6:4) which he had made his capital. (1 Kings 16:6; 2 Chronicles 16:1-6)


BAASHA - ba'-a-sha ba`sha', "boldness"): King of Israel. Baasha, son of Ahijah, and of common birth (1 Ki 16:2), usurped the throne of Nadab, the son of Jeroboam, killed Nadab and exterminated the house of Jeroboam. He carried on a long warfare with Asa, the king of Judah (compare Jer 41:9), began to build Ramah, but was prevented from completing this work by Ben-hadad, the king of Syria. He is told by the prophet Jehu that because of his sinful reign the fate of his house would be like that of Jeroboam. Baasha reigned 24 years. His son Elah who succeeded him and all the members of his family were murdered by the usurper Zimri (1 Ki 15:16 ff; 16:1 ff; 2 Ch 16:1 ff). The fate of his house is referred to in 1 Ki 21:22; 2 Ki 9:9. Compare ASA; ELAH; ZIMRI.

A.L. Breslich

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