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Lo Debar

In Bible versions:

Lo Debar: NET NIV
Lo-debar: NRSV NASB
Lodebar: NASB
a town of Gad, probably 15 km NE of Beth-Shan, just across the Jordan
Google Maps: Lo-debar (32° 39´, 35° 47´)


Strongs #03810: rbd al Lo' [email protected] or rbd wl Low [email protected] (\\#2Sa 9:4,5\\) or rbdl Lidbir (\\#Jos 13:26\\) [probably rather rbdl [email protected]

Lo-debar = "not a pasture"

1) a town in Manasseh in Gilead east of the Jordan

3810 Lo' Dbar lo deb-ar'

or Low Dbar (2 Samuel 9:4,5) {lo deb-ar'}; or Lidbir (Joshua
13:26) {lid-beer'}; (probably rather Lodbar {lo-deb-ar'});
from 3808 and 1699; pastureless; Lo-Debar, a place in
Palestine:-Debir, Lo-debar.
see HEBREW for 05
see HEBREW for 03808
see HEBREW for 01699

Lo-debar [EBD]

no pasture, (2 Sam. 17:27), a town in Gilead not far from Mahanaim, north of the Jabbok (9:4, 5). It is probably identical with Debir (Josh. 13:26).

Lo-debar [NAVE]

A city in Manasseh, 2 Sam. 9:4, 5; 17:27.
Home of Mephibosheth, the lame son of Jonathan, 2 Sam. 9:3-5.


(without pasture), a place named with Mahanaim, Rogelim and other transjordanic towns, (2 Samuel 17:27) and therefore no doubt on the east side of the Jordan. It was the native place of Machir-ben-Ammiel. (2 Samuel 9:4,5)


LO-DEBAR - lo'-de-bar, lo-de'-bar (lo dhebhar): A place in Gilead where dwelt Machir, son of Ammiel, who sheltered Mephibosheth, son of Saul, after that monarch's death (2 Sam 9:4), until he was sent for by David. This same Machir met David with supplies when he fled to Gilead from Absalom (2 Sam 17:27 f). Possibly it is the same place as Lidebir in Josh 13:26 (Revised Version margin). No certain identification is possible; but Schumacher (Northern 'Ajlun, 101) found a site with the name Ibdar about 6 1/2 miles East of Umm Qeis, North of the great aqueduct, which may possibly represent the ancient city. Lidebir, at least, seems to be placed on the northern boundary of Gilead. The modern village stands on the southern shoulder of Wady Samar. There is a good spring to the East, a little lower down, while ancient remains are found in the neighborhood.

W. Ewing

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