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Revelation 14:5


and no lie was found on their lips; 1  they 2  are blameless.


Ps 32:2; Ps 34:13; Ps 55:11; Pr 8:8; So 4:7; Isa 53:9; Da 6:4; Ho 10:2; Zep 3:13; Mt 12:34; Lu 23:4; Joh 1:47; Eph 5:27; Col 1:22; 1Pe 3:10; Jude 1:24

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tn Grk “in their mouth was not found a lie.”

tc Several mss (Ì47 א 1 1006 1611 2351 ÏK pc) have the conjunction “for” (γάρ, gar) here so that the phrase reads: “for they are blameless.” Other important mss (A C P 1854 2053 al lat) lack the word. The shorter reading is to be preferred since the scribes were more likely to make the connection explicit through the addition of “for” than they would have been to omit the conjunction. As it is, the passage without the conjunction makes good sense and evokes a very somber tone.

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