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Psalms 37:22


Surely 1  those favored by the Lord 2  will possess the land, but those rejected 3  by him will be wiped out. 4 


Ps 32:1; Ps 37:9,28; Ps 37:11,18; Ps 115:15; Ps 119:21; Ps 128:1; Pr 3:33; Zec 5:3,4; Mt 25:41; 1Co 16:22; Ga 3:10,13

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tn The particle כִּי is best understood as asseverative or emphatic here.

tn Heb “those blessed by him.” The pronoun “him” must refer to the Lord (see vv. 20, 23), so the referent has been specified in the translation for clarity.

tn Heb “cursed.”

tn Or “cut off”; or “removed” (see v. 9).

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