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Psalms 143:9


Rescue me from my enemies, O Lord! I run to you for protection. 1 


Ps 34:2-4; Ps 56:9; Ps 61:3,4; Ps 142:5; Pr 18:10; Heb 6:18

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tn Heb “to you I cover,” which makes no sense. The translation assumes an emendation to נַסְתִּי (nastiy, “I flee,” a Qal perfect, first singular form from נוּס, nos). Confusion of kaf (כ) and nun (נ) is attested elsewhere (see P. K. McCarter, Textual Criticism [GBS], 48). The collocation of נוּס (“flee”) with אֶל (’el, “to”) is well-attested.

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