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Psalms 108:9


Moab is my wash basin. 1  I will make Edom serve me. 2  I will shout in triumph over Philistia.”


Ru 4:7,8; 2Sa 8:1,2; 2Sa 21:15-22; Ps 60:8-10; Isa 14:29-32; Joh 13:8,14

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sn The metaphor of the wash basin, used to rinse one’s hands and feet, suggests that Moab, in contrast to Israel’s elevated position (vv. 7-8), would be reduced to the status of a servant.

tn Heb “over Edom I will throw my sandal.” The point of the metaphor is not entirely clear. Some interpret this as idiomatic for “taking possession of.” Others translate עַל (’al) as “to” and understand this as referring to a master throwing his dirty sandal to a servant so that the latter might dust it off.

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