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Proverbs 9:7


Whoever corrects 1  a mocker is asking for 2  insult; 3  whoever reproves a wicked person receives 4  abuse.


Ge 19:8,9; 1Ki 18:17; 1Ki 21:20; 1Ki 22:24,27; 2Ch 24:20-22; 2Ch 25:15,16; 2Ch 36:16; Pr 15:12

NET © Notes

tn The active participle יֹסֵר (yoser) describes one who tries to correct by means of instruction and discipline; it is paralleled by the Hiphil participle which refers to someone who rebukes or reproves another. Anyone trying this on these types of people would be inviting trouble.

tn Heb “receives for himself.”

tn The word means “dishonor” or “disgrace.” It is paralleled with מוּמוֹ (mumo), translated “abuse.” The latter term means “blemish,” although some would emend the text to read “reproach.” The MT is figurative but not impossible to interpret: Whoever tries to rebuke a wicked person will receive only insults and perhaps physical attack.

tn The verb “receives” is supplied in the translation for the sake of clarity and smoothness.

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