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Proverbs 5:14


I almost 1  came to complete ruin 2  in the midst of the whole congregation!” 3 


Nu 25:1-6; Pr 13:20; Ho 4:11-14; 1Co 10:6-8; 2Pe 2:10-18; Jude 1:7-13

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tn The expression כִּמְעַט (kimat) is “like a little.” It means “almost,” and is used of unrealized action (BDB 590 s.v. 2). Cf. NCV “I came close to”; NLT “I have come to the brink of.”

tn Heb “I was in all evil” (cf. KJV, ASV).

tn The text uses the two words “congregation and assembly” to form a hendiadys, meaning the entire assembly.

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