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Proverbs 25:5


remove the wicked from before the king, 1  and his throne 2  will be established in righteousness. 3 


1Ki 2:33,46; Es 7:10; Es 8:11-17; Ps 101:7,8; Pr 16:12; Pr 20:8; Pr 20:28; Pr 29:14; Isa 9:7; Isa 16:5

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sn These two verses present first an illustration and then the point (so it is emblematic parallelism). The passage uses imperatives to teach that the wicked must be purged from the kingdom.

sn “Throne” is a metonymy of subject (or adjunct); it is the symbol of the government over which the king presides (cf. NCV, TEV).

sn When the king purges the wicked from his court he will be left with righteous counselors and his government therefore will be “established in righteousness” – it will endure through righteousness (cf. NLT “made secure by justice”). But as J. H. Greenstone says, “The king may have perfect ideals and his conduct may be irreproachable, but he may be misled by unscrupulous courtiers” (Proverbs, 264).

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