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Proverbs 19:26


The one who robs 1  his father 2  and chases away his mother is a son 3  who brings shame and disgrace.


De 21:18-21; Pr 10:1; Pr 10:5; Pr 17:2; Pr 17:25; Pr 23:22-25; Pr 28:7; Pr 28:14; Pr 30:11,17; Lu 15:12-16,30

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tn The construction joins the Piel participle מְשַׁדֶּד (mÿshaded, “one who robs”) with the Hiphil imperfect יַבְרִיחַ (yavriakh, “causes to flee” = chases away). The imperfect given a progressive imperfect nuance matches the timeless description of the participle as a substantive.

sn “Father” and “mother” here represent a stereotypical word pair in the book of Proverbs, rather than describing separate crimes against each individual parent. Both crimes are against both parents.

tn The more generic “child” does not fit the activities described in this verse and so “son” is retained in the translation. In the ancient world a “son” was more likely than a daughter to behave as stated. Such behavior may reflect the son wanting to take over his father’s lands prematurely.

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