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Proverbs 19:15


Laziness brings on 1  a deep sleep, 2  and the idle person 3  will go hungry. 4 


Pr 6:9,10; Pr 10:4,5; Pr 19:24; Pr 20:13; Pr 23:21; Pr 24:33; Isa 56:10; Ro 13:11,12; Eph 5:14; 2Th 3:10

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tn Heb “causes to fall” or “casts”; NAB “plunges…into.”

tn Or “complete inactivity”; the word תַּרְדֵּמָה (tardemah) can refer to a physical “deep sleep” (e.g., Gen 2:21; Jonah 1:5, 6); but it can also be used figuratively for complete inactivity, as other words for “sleep” can. Here it refers to lethargy or debility and morbidness.

tn The expression וְנֶפֶשׁ רְמִיָּה (vÿnefesh rÿmiyyah) can be translated “the soul of deceit” or “the soul of slackness.” There are two identical feminine nouns, one from the verb “beguile,” and the other from a cognate Arabic root “grow loose.” The second is more likely here in view of the parallelism (cf. NIV “a shiftless man”; NAB “the sluggard”). One who is slack, that is, idle, will go hungry.

sn The two lines are related in a metonymical sense: “deep sleep” is the cause of going hungry, and “going hungry” is the effect of deep sleep.

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