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Proverbs 13:22


A benevolent 1  person leaves an inheritance 2  for his grandchildren, 3  but the wealth of a sinner is stored up for the righteous. 4 


Ge 17:7,8; Job 27:16,17; Ps 25:12,13; Ps 102:28; Ps 112:2; Ps 128:6; Pr 28:8; Ec 2:26

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tn Heb “good.”

sn In ancient Israel the idea of leaving an inheritance was a sign of God’s blessing; blessings extended to the righteous and not the sinners.

tn Heb “the children of children.”

sn In the ultimate justice of God, the wealth of the wicked goes to the righteous after death (e.g., Ps 49:10, 17).

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