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Matthew 19:27


Then Peter said 1  to him, “Look, 2  we have left everything to follow you! 3  What then will there be for us?”


De 33:9; Mt 4:20-22; Mt 9:9; Mt 20:10-12; Mr 1:17-20; Mr 2:14; Mr 10:28; Lu 5:11,27,28; Lu 14:33; Lu 15:29; Lu 18:28; 1Co 1:29; 1Co 4:7; Php 3:8

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tn Grk “Then answering, Peter said.” This construction is somewhat redundant in contemporary English and has been simplified in the translation.

sn Peter wants reassurance that the disciples’ response and sacrifice have been noticed.

tn Grk “We have left everything and followed you.” Koine Greek often used paratactic structure when hypotactic was implied.

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