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Malachi 1:9


But now plead for God’s favor 1  that he might be gracious to us. 2  “With this kind of offering in your hands, how can he be pleased with you?” asks the Lord who rules over all.


Ex 32:11; 2Ch 30:27; Jer 26:19; Jer 27:18; La 2:19; Joe 1:13,14; Joe 2:17; Zec 3:1-5; Joh 9:31; Ac 19:15,16; Ro 2:11; Heb 7:26,27; 1Pe 1:17

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tn Heb “seek the face of God.”

tn After the imperative, the prefixed verbal form with vav conjunction indicates purpose (cf. NASB, NRSV).

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