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John 12:25


The one who loves his life 1  destroys 2  it, and the one who hates his life in this world guards 3  it for eternal life.


Ge 29:30-33; Ec 2:17; Mt 10:39; Mt 16:25; Mt 19:29; Mr 8:35; Lu 9:23,24; Lu 14:26; Lu 17:33; Ac 20:24; Ac 21:13; Heb 11:35; Re 12:11

NET © Notes

tn Or “soul.”

tn Or “loses.” Although the traditional English translation of ἀπολλύει (apolluei) in John 12:25 is “loses,” the contrast with φυλάξει (fulaxei, “keeps” or “guards”) in the second half of the verse favors the meaning “destroy” here.

tn Or “keeps.”

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