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Job 3:19


Small and great are 1  there, and the slave is free 2  from his master. 3 


Job 30:23; Ps 49:2,6-10; Ps 49:14-20; Ec 8:8; Ec 12:5,7; Lu 16:22,23; Heb 9:27

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tn The versions have taken the pronoun in the sense of the verb “to be.” Others give it the sense of “the same thing,” rendering the verse as “small and great, there is no difference there.” GKC 437 §135.a, n. 1, follows this idea with a meaning of “the same.”

tn The LXX renders this as “unafraid,” although the negative has disappeared in some mss to give the reading “and the servant that feared his master.” See I. Mendelsohn, “The Canaanite Term for ‘Free Proletarian’,” BASOR 83 (1941): 36-39; idem, “New Light on hupsu,” BASOR 139 (1955): 9-11.

tn The plural “masters” could be taken here as a plural of majesty rather than as referring to numerous masters.

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