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Job 17:5


If a man denounces his friends for personal gain, 1  the eyes of his children will fail.


Ex 20:5; De 28:65; 1Ki 11:12; Job 32:21,22; Ps 12:2,3; Pr 20:19; Pr 29:5; La 4:17; 1Th 2:5

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tn Heb “for a portion.” This verse is rather obscure. The words are not that difficult, but the sense of them in this context is. Some take the idea to mean “he denounces his friends for a portion,” and others have a totally different idea of “he invites his friends to share with him.” The former fits the context better, indicating that Job’s friends speak out against him for some personal gain. The second half of the verse then promises that his children will suffer loss for this attempt at gain. The line is surely proverbial. A number of other interpretations can be found in the commentaries.

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