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Job 16:5


But 1  I would strengthen 2  you with my words; 3  comfort from my lips would bring 4  you relief.


Job 4:3,4; Job 6:14; Job 29:25; Ps 27:14; Pr 27:9,17; Isa 35:3,4; Ga 6:1

NET © Notes

tn “But” has been added in the translation to strengthen the contrast.

tn The Piel of אָמַץ (’amats) means “to strengthen, fortify.”

tn Heb “my mouth.”

tn The verb יַחְשֹׂךְ (yakhsokh) means “to restrain; to withhold.” There is no object, so many make it first person subject, “I will not restrain.” The LXX and the Syriac have a different person – “I would not restrain.” G. R. Driver, arguing that the verb is intransitive here, made it “the solace of my lips would not [added] be withheld” (see JTS 34 [1933]: 380). D. J. A. Clines says that what is definitive is the use of the verb in the next line, where it clearly means “soothed, assuaged.”

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