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Job 15:4


But you even break off 1  piety, 2  and hinder 3  meditation 4  before God.


1Ch 10:13,14; Job 4:5,6; Job 5:8; Job 6:14; Job 27:10; Ps 36:1-3; Ps 119:126; Ho 7:14; Am 6:10; Zep 1:6; Lu 18:1; Ro 3:31; Ga 2:21

NET © Notes

tn The word פָּרַר (parar) in the Hiphil means “to annul; to frustrate; to destroy; to break,” and this fits the line quite well. The NEB reflects G. R. Driver’s suggestion of an Arabic cognate meaning “to expel; to banish” (“Problems in the Hebrew text of Job,” VTSup 3 [1955]: 77).

tn Heb “fear,” “reverence.”

tn The word גָּרַע (gara’) means “to diminish,” regard as insignificant, occasionally with the sense of “pull down” (Deut 4:2; 13:1). It is here that Eliphaz is portraying Job as a menace to the religion of society because they dissuade people from seeking God.

tn The word שִׂיחָה (sikhah) is “complaint; cry; meditation.” Job would be influencing people to challenge God and not to meditate before or pray to him.

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