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Job 13:21


Remove 1  your hand 2  far from me and stop making me afraid with your terror. 3 


Job 10:20; Job 13:11; Job 22:15-17; Job 33:7; Ps 119:120

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tn The imperative הַרְחַק (harkhaq, “remove”; GKC 98 §29.q), from רָחַק (rakhaq, “far, be far”) means “take away [far away]; to remove.”

sn This is a common, but bold, anthropomorphism. The fact that the word used is כַּף (kaf, properly “palm”) rather than יָד (yad, “hand,” with the sense of power) may stress Job’s feeling of being trapped or confined (see also Ps 139:5, 7).

tn See Job 9:34.

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