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Job 13:11


Would not his splendor 1  terrify 2  you and the fear he inspires 3  fall on you?


Ex 15:16; Job 13:21; Ps 119:120; Isa 8:13; Jer 5:22; Jer 10:10; Mt 10:28; Re 15:3,4

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sn The word translated “his majesty” or “his splendor” (שְׂאֵתוֹ, sÿeto) forms a play on the word “show partiality” (תִּשָּׂאוּן, tissaun) in the last verse. They are both from the verb נָשַׂא (nasa’, “to lift up”).

tn On this verb in the Piel, see 7:14.

tn Heb “His dread”; the suffix is a subjective genitive.

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