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Jeremiah 5:2


These people make promises in the name of the Lord. 1  But the fact is, 2  what they swear to is really a lie.” 3 


Le 19:12; Isa 48:1; Jer 4:2; Jer 7:9; Ho 4:1,2,15; Ho 10:4; Zec 5:3,4; Mal 3:5; 1Ti 1:10; 2Ti 3:5; Tit 1:16

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tn Heb “Though they say, ‘As surely as the Lord lives.” The idea of “swear on oath” comes from the second line.

tc The translation follows many Hebrew mss and the Syriac version in reading “surely” (אָכֵן, ’akhen) instead of “therefore” (לָכֵן, lakhen) in the MT.

tn Heb “Surely.”

tn Heb “they swear falsely.”

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