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Genesis 10:22


The sons of Shem were Elam, 1  Asshur, 2  Arphaxad, 3  Lud, 4  and Aram. 5 


Ge 9:26; Ge 14:1-9; Nu 23:7; 2Ki 15:19; 1Ch 1:17-27; Job 1:17; Isa 11:11; Isa 21:2; Isa 22:6; Isa 66:19; Jer 25:25; Jer 49:34-39; Ac 2:9

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sn The Hebrew name Elam (עֵילָם, ’elam) means “highland.” The Elamites were a non-Semitic people who lived east of Babylon.

sn Asshur is the name for the Assyrians. Asshur was the region in which Nimrod expanded his power (see v. 11, where the name is also mentioned). When names appear in both sections of a genealogical list, it probably means that there were both Hamites and Shemites living in that region in antiquity, especially if the name is a place name.

sn The descendants of Arphaxad may have lived northeast of Nineveh.

sn Lud may have been the ancestor of the Ludbu, who lived near the Tigris River.

sn Aram became the collective name of the northern tribes living in the steppes of Mesopotamia and speaking Aramaic dialects.

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