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Exodus 20:16


“You shall not give 1  false testimony 2  against your neighbor.


Ex 23:6,7; Le 19:11,16; De 19:15-21; 1Sa 22:8-19; 1Ki 21:10-13; Ps 15:3; Ps 101:5-7; Pr 10:18; Pr 11:13; Mt 26:59,60; Ac 6:13; Eph 4:31; 1Ti 1:10; 2Ti 3:3; Jas 4:11

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tn Heb “answer” as in a court of law.

tn The expression עֵד שָׁקֶר (’ed shaqer) means “a lying witness” (B. S. Childs, Exodus [OTL], 388). In this verse the noun is an adverbial accusative, “you will not answer as a lying witness.” The prohibition is against perjury. While the precise reference would be to legal proceedings, the law probably had a broader application to lying about other people in general (see Lev 5:1; Hos 4:2).

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