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Daniel 5:26


This is the interpretation of the words: 1  As for mene 2  – God has numbered your kingdom’s days and brought it to an end.


Job 14:14; Isa 13:1-14:32; Isa 21:1-10; Isa 47:1-15; Jer 25:11,12; Jer 27:7; Jer 50:1-51:64; Da 9:2; Ac 15:18

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tn Or “word” or “event.” See HALOT 1915 s.v. מִלָּה.

tn The Aramaic term מְנֵא (mÿne’) is a noun referring to a measure of weight. The linkage here to the verb “to number” (Aram. מְנָה, mÿnah) is a case of paronomasia rather than strict etymology. So also with תְּקֵל (tÿqel) and פַרְסִין (farsin). In the latter case there is an obvious wordplay with the name “Persian.”

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