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Acts 16:8


so they passed through 1  Mysia 2  and went down to Troas. 3 


Ac 16:11; Ac 20:5; 2Co 2:12; 2Ti 4:13

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tn Although the normal meaning for παρέρχομαι (parercomai) is “pass by, go by,” it would be difficult to get to Troas from where Paul and his companions were without going through rather than around Mysia. BDAG 776 s.v. παρέρχομαι 6 list some nonbiblical examples of the meaning “go through, pass through,” and give that meaning for the usage here.

sn Mysia was a province in northwest Asia Minor.

sn Troas was a port city (and surrounding region) on the northwest coast of Asia Minor, near ancient Troy.

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