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Acts 15:16


After this 1  I 2  will return, and I will rebuild the fallen tent 3  of David; I will rebuild its ruins and restore 4  it,


2Sa 7:11-16; 1Ki 12:16; Ps 89:35-49; Isa 9:6,7; Jer 33:24-26; Eze 17:22-24; Am 9:11,12; Zec 13:8; Mt 1:20-25; Lu 1:31-33,69,70

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tn Grk “After these things.”

sn The first person pronoun I refers to God and his activity. It is God who is doing this.

tn Or more generally, “dwelling”; perhaps, “royal tent.” According to BDAG 928 s.v. σκηνή the word can mean “tent” or “hut,” or more generally “lodging” or “dwelling.” In this verse (a quotation from Amos 9:11) BDAG refers this to David’s ruined kingdom; it is possibly an allusion to a king’s tent (a royal tent). God is at work to reestablish David’s line (Acts 2:30-36; 13:32-39).

tn BDAG 86 s.v. ἀνορθόω places this verb under the meaning “to build someth. up again after it has fallen, rebuild, restore,” but since ἀνοικοδομέω (anoikodomew, “rebuild”) has occurred twice in this verse already, “restore” is used here.

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