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Acts 13:36


For David, after he had served 1  God’s purpose in his own generation, died, 2  was buried with his ancestors, 3  and experienced 4  decay,


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tn The participle ὑπηρετήσας (Juphrethsa") is taken temporally.

tn The verb κοιμάω (koimaw) literally means “sleep,” but it is often used in the Bible as a euphemism for the death of a believer.

tn Or “forefathers”; Grk “was gathered to his fathers” (a Semitic idiom).

tn Grk “saw,” but the literal translation of the phrase “saw decay” could be misunderstood to mean simply “looked at decay,” while here “saw decay” is really figurative for “experienced decay.” This remark explains why David cannot fulfill the promise.

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