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2 Peter 3:1


Dear friends, this is already the second letter I have written 1  you, in which 2  I am trying to stir up 3  your pure mind by way of reminder:


Ps 24:4; Ps 73:1; Mt 5:8; 2Co 13:2; 1Ti 5:22; 2Ti 1:6; 1Pe 1:1,2; 1Pe 1:22; 2Pe 1:12; 2Pe 1:13-15

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tn Grk “I am already writing this [as] a second letter.” The object-complement construction is more smoothly rendered in English a bit differently. Further, although the present tense γράφω (grafw) is used here, English convention employs an epistolary past tense. (The Greek epistolary aorist might have been expected here, but it also occurs in situations unlike its English counterparts.)

tn The relative pronoun is plural, indicating that the following statement is true about both letters.

tn Or “I have stirred up, aroused.” The translation treats the present tense verb as a conative present.

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