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1 Samuel 20:16


and called David’s enemies to account.” So Jonathan made a covenant 1  with the house of David. 2 


Ge 15:18; 1Sa 18:3; 1Sa 25:22; 1Sa 31:2; 2Sa 4:7,8; 2Sa 21:8

NET © Notes

tn Heb “cut.” The object of the verb (“covenant”) must be supplied.

tn The word order is different in the Hebrew text, which reads “and Jonathan cut with the house of David, and the Lord will seek from the hand of the enemies of David.” The translation assumes that the main clauses of the verse have been accidentally transposed in the course of transmission. The first part of the verse (as it stands in MT) belongs with v. 17, while the second part of the verse actually continues v. 15.

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