basilikos <937>

basilikov basilikos

Origin:from 935
Reference:TDNT - 1:591,97
In Greek:basilikhn 1, basilikhv 1, basilikon 1, basilikov 2
In NET:royal 2, a royal official 1, official 1, king's 1
In AV:nobleman 2, royal 2, king's country + 3588 1
Definition:1) of or belong to a king, kingly, royal, regal
1a) of a man, the officer or minister of a prince, a courtier
2) subject to a king
2a) of a country
3) befitting or worthy of a king, royal
4) metaph. principal, chief
from 935; regal (in relation), i.e. (literally) belonging to (or
befitting) the sovereign (as land, dress, or a courtier), or
(figuratively) preeminent:-king's, nobleman, royal.
see GREEK for 935

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