atimazo <818>

atimazw atimazo

Origin:from 820
In Greek:atimasantev 1, atimasyhnai 1, atimazeiv 1, atimazesyai 1, atimazete 1, htimasan 1, htimasate 1
In NET:treated outrageously 2, dishonor 2, have dishonored 1, to dishonor 1, to suffer dishonor 1
In AV:dishonour 3, entreat shamefully 1, suffer shame 1, despise 1
Definition:1) to dishonour, insult, treat with contempt
1a) whether in word, deed or thought
from 820; to render infamous, i.e. (by implication) contemn or
maltreat:-despise, dishonour, suffer shame, entreat shamefully.
see GREEK for 820

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