adelphos <80>

adelfov adelphos

Origin:from 1 (as a connective particle) and delphus (the womb)
Reference:TDNT - 1:144,22
PrtSpch:n m
In Greek:adelfe 6, adelfoi 143, adelfoiv 17, adelfon 41, adelfou 17, adelfouv 39, adelfov 43, adelfw 14, adelfwn 21, [adelfoi] 1
In NET:brothers and sisters 102, brothers 91, brother 77, Brothers 11, fellow Christian 10, brother's 7, Brothers and sisters 6, a brother 5, Brother 5, brother or sister 4, a Christian 3, fellow Christians 3, fellow countrymen 2, a fellow believer 2, people 2, man 1, brothers or sisters 1, them 1, her husband 1, of brothers 1, a brother or sister 1, believers 1, believer 1, widow 1, brother sister 1
In AV:brethren 226, brother 113, brother's 6, brother's way 1
Definition:1) a brother, whether born of the same two parents or only of the
same father or mother
2) having the same national ancestor, belonging to the same
people, or countryman
3) any fellow or man
4) a fellow believer, united to another by the bond of affection
5) an associate in employment or office
6) brethren in Christ
6a) his brothers by blood
6b) all men
6c) apostles
6d) Christians, as those who are exalted to the same heavenly place
from 1 (as a connective particle) and delphus (the womb); a brother
(literally or figuratively) near or remote (much like 1):-brother.
see GREEK for 1
see GREEK for 1

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