agros <68>

agrov agros

Origin:from 71
PrtSpch:n m
In Greek:agron 7, agrou 7, agrouv 9, agrov 3, agrw 9, agrwn 1
In NET:field 15, countryside 5, fields 5, a field 3, country 3, Field 2, farm 1, wild 1
In AV:field 22, country 8, land 4, farm 1, piece of ground 1
Definition:1) land
1a) the field, the country
1b) a piece of land, bit of tillage
1c) the farms, country seats, neighbouring hamlets
from 71; a field (as a drive for cattle); genitive case, the country;
specially, a farm, i.e. hamlet:-country, farm, piece of ground, land.
see GREEK for 71

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