apotassomai <657>

apotassomai apotassomai

Origin:middle voice from 575 and 5021
Reference:TDNT - 8:33,*
In Greek:apotassetai 1, apotaxamenov 4, apotaxasyai 1
In NET:said farewell 2, After saying good-bye 1, he does renounce 1, say goodbye 1, said good-bye 1
In AV:bid farewell 2, take leave 2, send away 1, forsake 1
Definition:1) to set apart, separate
1a) to separate one's self, withdraw one's self from anyone
1a1) to take leave of, bid farewell to
1b) to renounce, forsake
middle voice from 575 and 5021; literally, to say adieu (by departing
or dismissing); figuratively, to renounce:-bid farewell, forsake,
take leave, send away.
see GREEK for 575
see GREEK for 5021

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