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NETBible: Strong -- 5591

psuchikos <5591>

qucikov psuchikos

Origin:from 5590
Reference:TDNT - 9:661,1342
In Greek:qucikh 1, qucikoi 1, qucikon 3, qucikov 1
In NET:a natural 2, natural 2, unbeliever 1, worldly 1
In AV:natural 4, sensual 2
Definition:1) of or belonging to breath
1a) having the nature and characteristics of the breath
1a1) the principal of animal life, which men have in common with
the brutes
1b) governed by breath
1b1) the sensuous nature with its subjection to appetite and passion

Synonym : See Definition 5912
from 5590; sensitive, i.e. animate (in distinction on the one hand
from 4152, which is the higher or renovated nature; and on the other
from 5446, which is the lower or bestial nature):-natural, sensual.
see GREEK for 5590
see GREEK for 4152
see GREEK for 5446

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