apekduomai <554>

apek-duomai apekduomai

Origin:middle voice from 575 and 1562
Reference:TDNT - 2:318,*
In Greek:apekdusamenoi 1, apekdusamenov 1
In NET:Disarming 1, you have put off 1
In AV:spoil 1, put off 1
Definition:1) wholly put off from one's self
1a) denoting separation from what is put off
2) wholly to strip off for one's self (for one's own advantage)
3) despoil, disarm
middle voice from 575 and 1562; to divest wholly oneself, or (for
oneself) despoil:-put off, spoil.
see GREEK for 575
see GREEK for 1562

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