chrematizo <5537>

crhmatizw chrematizo

Origin:from 5536
Reference:TDNT - 9:480,1319
In Greek:crhmatisai 1, crhmatisei 1, crhmatisyeiv 2, crhmatisyentev 1, crhmatizonta 1, ecrhmatisyh 1, kecrhmatismenon 1, kecrhmatistai 1
In NET:After being warned 2, she will be called 1, had been revealed 1, warned 1, was directed 1, were called 1, was warned by God 1, when was warned 1
In AV:be warned of God 3, call 2, be admonished of God 1, reveal 1, speak 1, be warned from God 1
Definition:1) to transact business, esp. to manage public affairs
1a) to advise or consult with one about public affairs
1b) to make answer to those who ask for advice, present enquiries
or requests, etc.
1b1) of judges, magistrates, rulers, kings
2) to give a response to those consulting an oracle, to give a
divine command or admonition, to teach from heaven
2a) to be divinely commanded, admonished, instructed
2b) to be the mouthpiece of divine revelations, to promulgate the
commands of God
3) to assume or take to one's self a name from one's public business
3a) to receive a name or title, be called
from 5536; to utter an oracle (compare the original sense of 5530),
i.e. divinely intimate; by implication, (compare the secular sense of
5532) to constitute a firm for business, i.e. (generally) bear as a
title:-be called, be admonished (warned) of God, reveal, speak.
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see GREEK for 5532

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