cheirotoneo <5500>

ceirotonew cheirotoneo

Origin:from a comparative of 5495 and teino (to stretch)
Reference:TDNT - 9:437,1309
In Greek:ceirotonhsantev 1, ceirotonhyeiv 1
In NET:When had appointed 1, chosen 1
In AV:ordain 3, choose 1
Definition:1) to vote by stretching out the hand
2) to create or appoint by vote: one to have charge of some
office or duty
3) to elect, create, appoint
from a comparative of 5495 and teino (to stretch); to be a
hand-reacher or voter (by raising the hand), i.e. (generally) to
select or appoint:-choose, ordain.
see GREEK for 5495

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